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Small lifestyle changes that make a big difference.


I've always liked wearing a positive message, so I suppose it makes sense that this was going to happen one day.


In July 2012 I was designing a team t-shirt for my Missouri River Swimming expedition. And rather than having 'Missouri River Swimming Expedition' on the front I opted for three little words that summed up how I try to go through life.


The hundred shirts printed up for that expedition all went at the launch party. I guess you can't say no to buying a shirt which gets down to the basic nitty gritty of taking on new opportunities, the very essence of what helps us grow and develop.


Doing new things, not being afraid to fail and making the most of every day means we have to do what we love. Life should be lived with passion, and I'd like people to chase their dreams and enjoy happy, caring, brave lives. With wide smiles.


So now everyone can wear their passion. Every week we get sent photos of people on adventures, doing new things, climbing mountains, running triathlons, crossing continents, starting new businesses, fixing stuff that has been broken for years.


We've been putting aside a portion of profits from every t-shirt sale into a grant pool that will eventually help others take on their first big adventure in aid of a worthy cause. As soon as we hit 2,500 Likes on Facebook, we'll release the first grants. Yes, we're quite excited about that.


Grab yourself a shirt here (or if you're in the USA, here) and spread the word. Let's get to those 2,500 likes.


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the trip, bonded immediately during discussions on Sea Dragon and on the islands of the Dry Tortugas. By the time the voyage had ended there were plans for new businesses, new firsts, new directions and everybody was invigorated with new purpose.